6” GOTO Refractor 1960, f:2250mm, f/15.  

Telescope when installed at our observatory:

Brand: GOTO 6” refractor, made in Japan in 1960
Optical data: D:150mm, f:2250mm, f/15; achromatic lens
Height, horizontal tube: 2.1m
Pedestal weight: 335 kg
Telescope weight: 152 kg (probably with counter weights and equatorial head)
Focuser: Rack & Pinion with eyepiece revolver (Meridian).
Finder tube: D:50mm, 12.5x
Guide tube: D:75mm, f:1200mm (Meridian)
Drive: Clock drive, mechanical
Circles: Southern hemisphere RA-circle.

Eyepieces: Er 32mm (2”), Plossl 55mm (2”)
Star diagonal prism, Herschel wedge (prism), a set of filters, star spectroscope
Sun filter: Baader AstroSolar film (front mounted) , not original
Astro camera: 9x12cm glass plates
Scrapbook (original manual)

Contact: Göran Kajler, Email (remove and replace with @ when you use the link)
telephone +46 70 2820652

Price: Open for suggestions

Historical information here (pdf), and lots of detailed images are available on this page.

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